Facts about George Washington Carver – Getting to know him

George Washington Carver became popular as an African-American inventor and scientist. He was also best known for the various uses he was able to devise using peanut. Many facts about George Washington Carver would agree that he was born from slavery. This was in Diamond, Missouri. This happened in the year 1864.  This was considered to be the same year of his birth date. There was no specific information about this. Regardless, Carver turned out to be a well-known scientist and inventor. He was also a teacher as he worked at the Tuskegee Institute. Since then, he was able to come up with almost 100 products. He did this with the use of peanuts and crops. These included plastics, gasoline and dyes. He died way back the year 1943.

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His early years

He started off as an inventor and a botanist. Carver was only one among the many children of Giles and Mary. These were enslaved couple who were by that time, being owned by Moses Carver. He was given birth in the Civil War years. This was in the year 1864. A week after his birth, George was kidnapped right away. This happened with his sister being taken away from his mother too. This took place in their farm. This was undertaken by raiders which were only from the Arkansas, and its neighboring state. This was done because they were then sold in Kentucky. This was with the infant George. This was also located in an agent of Moses Carver. His return to Missouri was realized at this point.

Slavery ended in Missouri along side the end of Civil War. This was the scenario in 1865. During that time, Carver and his wife decided for George to be kept. This was also done with his brother whose name is James. Keeping him was done at the comfort of their home. They were raised and educated. It was George who was taught to read and write by Susan Carver. This had to be done because during those times, no local school would be open in accepting black students.

He searched for knowledge the moment he was given the chance. This was the driving force that almost made his life. Being the young man that he was, he had to leave his Carver home. He did this to travel to school. This was intended for black children who were just 10 miles away. During this point, he was dubbed as George Carver. He attended many schools, a series of them actually. He did this prior to him receiving his diploma at the Minneapolis High School. This is directed towards Minneapolis, Kansas.

There was a time when he was declined of admittance too. This occurred when he was about to go to Highland College just in Highland, Kansas. This happened because of his race. This led him not to attend classes anymore. Instead, he had to homestead a claim. He also took his time in conducting biological experiments which were compiled eventually.