Ariana Grande Without Makeup Looks Even Younger than She Already is

A lot of people believe that Ariana has found the fountain of youth. If you look at her, she seems like your usual teenager. Therefore, it is quite difficult to imagine that she is already 23 years old. Since she appeared in Disney’s Victorious up until now, it seems like she has not aged a bit. This is why seeing Ariana Grande without makeup won’t really surprise you. If she looks young with makeup, imagine how much younger she looks like without any makeup on.

On a regular day, this is how she looks like. It seems like she is just heading to school to take the test.

Sometimes, it makes men feel guilty fantasizing Ariana especially if she looks this young. She looks like your normal 15-year old girl.

People usually accuse Ariana of being too arrogant. The truth is that she is just a simple, fun-loving girl, as reflected in this photo.

This was how she looked like during her Disney days. It seemed like it was just yesterday. She didn’t age one bit.

Ariana should just go for a full on makeup look all the time. It makes her look closer to her actual age.

People make fun of Ariana for looking like a teenage girl even if she is already in her 20’s. If everyone else grows older and she still looks the same, she will surely be the envy of many.

You don’t even want to compare yourself with Ariana as she strikes a pose with very minimal make up on. She is such a natural beauty.

Not only is she not wearing makeup, she has also put on those nerdy glasses. She looked even younger!

How could this be a face of a 23-year old girl? She looks really young and sweet. Other celebrities would give up anything to stay young and fresh like her.

Even in this simple winter outfit, Ariana looks fabulous. If she has indeed found the fountain of youth, she has to protect herself!